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A full-powered shoebox-sized Desktop

After three or four years it became time to replce my Desktop Computer with newer technology. I’ve got a first generation Intel Core i7-920 Octo-core processor: it still packs more than enough power but sadly gets too hot and thus the cooling system got too loud for my taste. So time for a new Desktop! I decided to go the miniITX route. The main idea was to pack as much power-efficient technology in an as-small-as-possible case.

October 28, 2012 in tech linux hardware

The Lazy Engineer

Recently I’ve switched my working day to a more enjoyable pace – and noticed that my productivity rose too. Too many friends claimed that I’m just plain lazily so this post tries to clarify my mode of operation. The basic idea is to reduce procrastination and improve my attention span through voluntary self-censorship. Some caveat beforehands: I am working as self-employed independent software contractor, thus my work has some unique properties:

October 28, 2012 in life

Generating PDFs with wicked_pdf

Ruby on Rails is perfect for creating web applications but sometimes you just need to create some documents which can be stored or send through email. While printing is no problem with CSS not all users are able to “save/print page as pdf”. The ubiquitous Adobe PDF file format seems to be a perfect solution for this problem. The common solution for this is Prawn (also see the RailsCast about it).

May 1, 2012 in tech development rails