Building a simple VPN with WireGuard with a Raspberry Pi as Server
2019 redux, what to expect in 2020


Closing down my company
Adding advertisement-filtering and spotify support to a Linux-based Access Point/Router
Building a secure torrent download station by combining Private Internet Access (PIA), OpenVPN and transmission through docker
How to create a (good-looking) PDF and Kindle eBook from LaTeX
LTE uplink for Raspberry Pi: Huawei E3372 vs Waveshare SIM7600E-H
Books and influences of mine
Building an LTE Access Point with a Raspberry Pi
Switching a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s to LinageOS (Android 9)
Building an LTE Access point with OpenWRT Rooter
To Fuzz a WebSocket
JWT: Signature-vs-MAC attacks
On Reframing
Amazing (Physical) Access Control with HID RFID cards


This year's review, 2018 edition
Wireguard vs OpenVPN on a local Gigabit Network
Revising my lazy http/https interception setup
Living with changes
Fun Hacking Stuff ahead


How (NOT) to hide OpenVPN behind HTTPS/SSL
GnuPG/PGP and Evolution/Seahorse Private Key Woes
Secret-sharing described by Prismacloud
Low-hanging Security/Privacy for the Lazy 2016!
Firejail: Chroot on Speed
OSCP: Check!


Network Concurrency Problem
pathogen vs vundle


Review: Penetration Testing with BackBox
Migrating to Middleman
Capybara for automating Pen-Tests
Using a (host) reverse-proxy together with LXC application servers
How to convert an KVM image into a LXC container
How to use virt-install to install new virtual machines within libvirt/kvm
Rogue Access Point and SSL Man-in-the-Middle the easy way
How-to setup a rogue access point with a transparent HTTP(s) proxy
Politics: there seems to be no middle anymore
Luxury is Slavery


Review and New Year's resolutions
Cleaning Up
Indulgence Galore!
How to use FakeS3 for S3 testing
Linux: How to force an application to use a given VPN tunnel
Git with transparent encryption
Secure Online Data Backup using Duplicity
Encrypted S3 storage filesystems
Penetration testing


Avoiding Internet/Network Surveillance
Linux: How to encrypt your data on hard drives, USB sticks, etc.
Linux: How to forward port 3000 to port 80
Postgres: Howto change owner for all tables
Moving OctoPress to Amazon S3 and CloudFront
The Lazy Engineer
A full-powered shoebox-sized Desktop
Generating PDFs with wicked_pdf